Graphic Designs & Media Part #1

I’ve been art directing the sponsor advertising for the PSIFF Gala, four years in a row.  I work closely with the producers and layout the front of the house and backstage.

The most important thing to remember about step n repeats is the perspective, lighting, material, photos or video, and where are the pictures going to be seen.  Print, web, video, etc.

The PSIFF Gala is seen in over 60,000 publications, wire images and most print…even Time magazine ( Haley Berry).   This year  we hit over 1 billion impressions globally.   The most important thing for me as an art director is size of logos in relations to the shot/people.  I know that most actors are between 5′-5’8″  most likely, 5’6 due to the perspective of set ups and lenses.

I also pay attention to the size of the head, from there I create the size of the logos…some sponsors will argue they need a 1 foot  spacing or more around the other logos but I will show them why it will hurt them if we space too wide.

I see it all the time, huge logos spaced too far a part, thus missing the shot of the logos.  Most professional photographers will make sure the angle their shots (i say most:)…or they scream the famous line “over the shoulder”.  Most people think that’s a bad poise but it serves a purpose.

I have made such a strong argument with fortune 500 companies about the design of their logos and placements , that they have allowed me to restructure their logos.   Most will never allow you to do it…the designer needs to think how the logo is going to be used and in what media…I see over designed logos all the time, with no thought to proportion for re-use.

Also lighting is important, this year they changed the lighting without consulting with me…instead of lights bouncing up, they added a huge spotlight which blew it out and caused most photographers to get bounce back in the shot.

Next year I will recommend lights directly from top of step n repeats and bottom.  Thus the fill would be coming from the photographer and give a nice even shot.

The backing color is important and so is the material, I chose the darker Pantone for the Cartier, thus adding depth and it plays in most medias.   White back drop is used when you don’t have light and you need the bounce back.  That’s why the white gets over exposed in the shots, too much light in front.

Below is my work along with my graphic designers:  David Raucher


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