Artist Statement
A great piece of art is when the viewer can see themselves in the art… 

How is it possible for one to express in words their own artwork? This is a question I have often contemplated because I believe, as an artist, that the artwork should speak for itself.   I believe that after reviewing one’s art, it’s through each person’s own interpretation that they begin to understand the artist’s intention.  However, one should never exclude their personal feelings are often evoked. 

I believe artwork should induce those same feelings. All of my artwork seems to tell a story, which, at times, I do not like to admit even to myself. The stories come from thoughts that I have not been able to, or cannot, express verbally from the deep unconscious of my mind. When I paint, my fears are stripped away for that one moment as if I had only a brush in my hand and nothing else on. But the last thing I wish to do is to over-intellectualize my work, for that would expose all of my thoughts, fears, sorrows, confusion, humor and happiness. And thus, I feel my artwork would become boring. It is the beauty of art that is the mystery that lies within the canvas, which brings me back to one’s interpretation.

Feel what you’re feeling at the time, not what I might have been feeling… Thus, I never go the canvas, paper or cardboard with an idea of what to paint, draw or scribble. Over the years, I have learned to free myself from those conscious thoughts because life itself is too structured. The only structure that remains consistent in my work is my colors.  I have deep passion for blues, reds, greens and yellows.

Once I have those colors captured on canvas, paper or cardboard, my unconscious thoughts seem to transcend to an almost alternate state of mind. In effect, I sincerely hope that the colors I use will invoke some form of euphoria for you as they do for  me when I paint. . I can only express that if color were a drug, then I have found the most beautiful drug in the world. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Jan O’Connell


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