About me..

People always ask me what I do and I usually just reply I work in the film business:0   I write, direct, design, edit, camera, draw,  etc…I create.  I create for any media…I never want to limit myself!   If I can’t create, why breathe!

Right now I’m working on a cartoon, book and prepping a short.  I finished a short with Christopher Coppola as the executive producer called L.A. Couches last year and putting together a bigger project to take couches off the streets of L.A.  The numbers of couches on the streets of LA are hundreds each day and the only real solutions is to REUSE|RECYCLE…  As a designer I believe there is no garbage and everything has a purpose.  Also, for every 2 tons of garbage we create 1 job…think the next time you throw something away.

I paint as a release and I have sold hundreds of painting throughout the past four years through word of mouth, L.A., P.S. & N.Y.  My work has also been featured in various films and television shows.     I’ve painted since I was a child, started out very structured and did figurative drawing  up to 30 and then found my voice…I finally matured as an artist in the past five years and can be defined as abstract expressionist, the left side of my brain.  My liner  work (computer prints) is my right side of my brain.  I enjoy both and it’s a great exercise for the brain.  Plus, it keeps me from getting to bored with myself:)

I have renovated mid-centuries, furniture (which I still do today) and donate my work to charites or time when I can. 

But none of this matters if I can’t share my knowledge or talent with others…sharing is caring… Working on a project to help trouble teens in Coachella Valley to teach film and art…more follow.

My motto in life is…”What did you do today”….go out and make something!



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